The Great Mugging of 2017

Daddy was Mugged


News just in!

A crime was reported mid Friday afternoon.

The victim, whose name is withheld for embarrassing reasons, was innocently offered a coffee by an adorable looking eight year old girl. Little did he know that this coffee was laced with a protein packed sphere known as an Easter Egg.

While drinking said contaminated coffee, the victim panicked and said he was concerned that the mug was faulty. He reported it to the authorities, who ended up being an accomplice of the little girl’s. The awkward weight distribution and slight clinking as the mug was lifted to be sipped was explained by the authorities as being usual for the mug.

The authorities even laughed and said “Haven’t you drank from that mug before, sir?! It’s likely to have a hollow bottom and water got into it.” The victim shrugged, and although hesitant to do so, kept drinking the tainted coffee, muttering, “This isn’t right!”

Then, amidst shouts of surprise and a “What the hell, man! There’s an egg in there!” The room erupted into laughter.

Happy Easter from the Family Senate!


Read the confession of the culprit here.