The Family Senate

In a bold move, the adults abolished all rules and authority and granted children equal opportunity to propose, ratify and uphold all family laws.

This breaks away from typical family government systems where adults hold the majority of the power and children have little to no representation in the construction of legislation.

The first 15 bills were ratified Sunday evening. Such bills include “Bedtime for Minority leaders is 8:30” and “No intentional physical injury to other leaders.” It was a strong negotiation for the “Sunday morning TV hours,” but compromise was made to ensure that each bill benefited both the needs of the majority and minority leaders.

Minority leader L told Facebook, “I think it’s going really well! Everything is going properly.”

Majority leader A stated, “I don’t think the kids thought it went as planned.”

Majority leader Granny says she thinks the family senate shows promise and should succeed if everyone at the table has calm cool heads. “No temper tantrums…that goes for the adults too.”

Minority leader Z, who was once a prime supporter of the family senate wasn’t as pleased with the outcome. “I didn’t vote yes on that bill!” he was heard shouting.

The President, Faith Allaire, would not comment on this evening’s events.



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